The Chronicle of an Anonymous Roman
Translated by James A. Palmer

Giovanni Pietro Contarini
From Cyprus to Lepanto
Translated by Kiril Petkov

Huon of Bordeaux
First modern English Translation
by Catherine M. Jones &
William W. Kibler

The Sermons and Liturgy of Saint James
edited and translated by
Thomas F. Coffey and Maryjane Dunn.

Aiol: A Chanson de Geste
Modern edition and first English translation
by A. Richard Hartman &
Sandra C. Malicote

by Torquato Tasso

Aymeri of Narbonne:
A French Epic Romance
edited & translated
by Michael A.H. Newth

Barbarossa in Italy
edited & translated
by Thomas Carson

The Book of Chess
by Jacob de Cessolis

The Chronicle of Pseudo-Turpin
Book IV of the Liber Sancti Jacobi
(Codex Calixtinus)

edited and translated
by Kevin R. Poole

Coriolano Cippico
The Deeds of Commander
Pietro Mocenigo

edited and translated
by Kiril Petkov
Description of the Aegean
& Other Islands

by Cristoforo Buondelmonti
Edited and translated by
Evelyn Edson

The Downfall of the Famous
by Giovanni Boccaccio
Translated by Louis B. Hall

Elye of Saint-Gilles
edited and translated by
A. Richard Hartman &
Sandra C. Malicote

The Fat Woodworker
by Antonio Manetti

Fencing: A Renaissance Treatise
by Camillo Agrippa

edited by Ken Mondschein

Fierabras and Floripas:
A French Epic Allegory
edited by Michael A.H. Newth

Gaspara Stampa:
Selected Poems
edited by Laura Anna Stortoni

Guido Cavalcanti:
The Complete Poems
translated by Marc Cirigliano

edited by Eileen Gardiner

The Life of Henry VII
by Bernard André
translated and introduced
by Daniel Hobbins

Love Songs for Lucrezia Bendidio
by Torquato Tasso
edited and translated
by Max Wickert

Lorenzo de’ Medici, Complete Literary Works of Lorenzo de’ Medici

Medieval Cautionary Tales:
An Anthology
edited by Peter Speed

The Miracles and Translatio of Saint James
edited and translated by
Thomas F. Coffey and Maryjane Dunn

The Miracles of St. James
edited and translated by
Thomas F. Coffey, Linda Kay Davidson
& Maryjane Dunn

On Famous Women
(De claris mulieribus)
by Giovanni Boccaccio
Translated, with an Introduction and Notes,
by Guido A. Guarino

Letters on Familiar Matters

(Rerum familiarium libri)
3 vols.

Letters of Old Age

(Rerum senilium libri)
2 vols.

On Religious Leisure
(De otio religioso)

The Revolution of Cola di Rienzo

Phyllis of Scyros
by Guidubaldo Bonarelli

The Pilgrim’s Guide to
Santiago de Compostela
edited by William Melczer

The Lives of the Popes and Emperors
Translated and edited by
Aldo S. Bernardo and Reta A. Bernardo
Introduction and notes by Tania Zampini

Renaissance Comic Tales
edited and translated by
Valerie Martone &
Robert L. Martone

The Sack of Rome
by Luigi Guicciardini

The Song of Roland
A New Verse Translation
by Michael A.H. Newth

Tales of Firenzuola
by Agnolo Firenzuola

Those Who Fought
edited by Peter Speed

Those Who Prayed
edited by Peter Speed

Those Who Worked
edited by Peter Speed

Visions of Heaven
& Hell Before Dante
edited by Eileen Gardiner

Women Poets
of the Italian Renaissance
edited by Laura Anna Stortoni

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