The Miracles and Translatio of Saint James
edited and translated by
Thomas F. Coffey and Maryjane Dunn.

The Chronicle of Pseudo-Turpin
Book IV of the Liber Sancti Jacobi
(Codex Calixtinus)

edited and translated
by Kevin R. Poole

Lisbon in the Renaissance
Urbis Olisiponis Descriptio
by Damião de Góis
A New Translation
by Jeffrey S. Ruth

Medieval Cautionary Tales
An Anthology

edited by Peter Speed

The Miracles of St. James
Translations from the Liber Sancti Jacobi
edited and translated by
Thomas F. Coffey, Linda Kay Davidson
& Maryjane Dunn

The Pilgrim’s Guide to
Santiago de Compostela
edited by William Melczer

The Road to Compostela
(for Mac and Windows)

The Song of Roland
A New Verse Translation
by Michael A.H. Newth
See Gallery Space
for a preview of some photos
from The Road to Compostela.

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