ITALICA PRESS publishes English translations of medieval, Renaissance and early-modern texts, historical travel, English translations of modern Italian fiction, dual-language poetry, drama, and a series of Studies in Art & History. We welcome submissions and inquiries regarding possible projects in these areas.

In submitting manuscripts, please follow the Italica Press Style Sheet (rev. 12).

For medieval, Renaissance, and early-modern texts and historical travel we are open to proposals from any area of Europe translated from Latin or any other language. We give stronger consideration to works that have not been previously published, and we are less likely to publish a work that is already available from another publisher in the U.S.

For modern Italian fiction, Italian crime writers, dual-language poetry and drama, we prefer works by major authors whose books are not available in English. These works have to have been published in Italy, in Italian and generally to be by an author of some established reputation.

Italica Press also publishes a series of Studies in Art & History. These are collections of scholarly essays, generally around a selected area, topic, or period, either by a single author or in an edited volume. We welcome proposals from authors and editors and will be happy to consider such volumes for publication.

For all these areas, it is best to send us an inquiry to:

Please provide:

  • a brief description of the project
  • including title, author and date of the original work
  • approximate length of manuscript and approximate schedule for completing the project.
  • a CV of the author(s), editor(s) or translator(s)

We will respond to all inquiries that fit into our publishing areas. If we are interested we will ask for sample chapters. For translations will will ask for samples in both English and the original language.

If you have a project that you feel will fit into our programs, we look forward to hearing from you. 

Eileen Gardiner, Ph.D.
Ronald G. Musto, Ph.D.

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