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Our Italica Press Catalog 60, for Summer 2022, is now available and ready for download. It contains eight new and recently published titles, plus our complete backlist.

This new season offers a rich selection of medieval and Renaissance texts, history, and modern Italian fiction and poetry. We’ve also now completed two ongoing series and have launched a new one.

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new volume in our Studies in Art & History: Irving Lavin’s More than Meets the Eye: Irony, Paradox, and Metaphor in the History of Art, his Mellon Lectures at the National Gallery in Washington, DC, newly edited by Marilyn Aronberg Lavin.

Giovanni Pascoli’s Convivial Poems, translated by Elena Borelli and James Ackhurst, consists of twenty
poems, with facing Italian and English, each devoted to a classical figure, fictional or historical. It represents one of Pascoli’s highest achievements. Like Eliot’s The Waste Land, Joyce’s Ulysses, and contemporary post-modernist works, it revisits the classical world to draw new symbols for the modern condition.

Catherine M. Jones and William W. Kibler offer the first modern English translation of Huon of Bordeaux, a perennial favorite since its first appearance in the thirteenth century as a French chanson de geste. 

We are also very pleased to present James A. Palmer’s first complete English translation of The Chronicle of an Anonymous Roman: Rome, Italy, and Latin Christendom, c.1325–1360. Available previously only in partial versions focusing on Cola di Rienzo, the Anonimo Romano’s work is now published in its entirety with introduction, notes, index, and bibliography.

Closely related to the Anonimo Romano’s work is Ronald G. Musto’s paperback edition of Writing Southern Italy before the Renaissance. This is the first comprehensive book in English to examine the works of trecento historians of the Mezzogiorno. This second, revised edition is published by special arrangement with Routledge.

Our Documentary History of Naples is now complete with Rabun M. Taylor’s Ancient Naples: A Documentary History: Origins to c.350 CE. This is first comprehensive survey of ancient Naples in the English language, tracing the history of the city from its origins into late antiquity. 

Thomas F. Coffey and Maryjane Dunn have completed the first English translation of The Sermons and Liturgy of Saint James: Book I of the Liber Sancti Jacobi. This is the fifth and final of a series publishing modern English translations of and commentary on the Codex Calixtinus in our Compostela Project.

The next volume in our new series of Italian Crime Writers moves to the closing days of World War II in Sicily with A Conspiracy of Talkers by Gaetano Savatteri, translated by Steve Eaton. American Lieutenant Benjamin Adano investigates some missing U.S. Army trucks, while the Carabinieri craft a conspiracy to implicate an innocent man for a mayor’s murder and to protect the dead man’s enemies. 

Our titles are available in a variety of formats: hardcover, paperback, Espresso, Kindle, JSTOR, ProQuest, and other digital versions.

We hope that you’ll find these titles of interest and value. Thanks again for your support.

Eileen Gardiner
Ron Musto

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