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Our Italica Press Catalog 61 is now available and ready for download. It features seven new and recently published titles, plus our complete backlist.

This season offers a fine selection of medieval and Renaissance texts, history, and modern Italian fiction and poetry.

We are pleased to announce the publication of the first English edition of Luis Gómez’s 1531 The Floods of the Tiber. It has now been translated by Chiara Bariviera, Pamela O. Long, and William L. North and offers the complete text with annotation and bibliography, as well as an edition of the full Latin text of the 1531 edition.

We also present the next volume in our Studies in Art & History: Irving Lavin’s More than Meets the Eye: Irony, Paradox, and Metaphor in the History of Art, his Mellon Lectures at the National Gallery in Washington, DC, edited by Marilyn Aronberg Lavin.

Ronald G. Musto’s second, revised edition of Writing Southern Italy before the Renaissance is now available in all formats from Italica Press. This is the first comprehensive book in English to examine the works of trecento historians of the Mezzogiorno.

Our latest poetry title is the publication of Contemporary Sicilian Poetry: A Multilingual Anthology, edited by Ana Ilievska & Pietro Russo and translated by Ana Ilievska. Fifty-five authors represent a wide variety of regions. The English translations are presented on facing pages. Poems in Sicilian include an Italian version below the Sicilian text.

We’ve added a title to our ongoing publication of the works of the Nobel Prize novelist, Grazia Deledda. In The Dance of the Necklace, Deledda moves away from the countryside of her native Sardinia to create a classically modern, urban narrative. Writing in a more spare, experimental style, she uncovers the “vain anguish of our strongest passions: love, ambition, and the instinct to appear more than what we are.”

Giovanni Pascoli’s Convivial Poems, translated by Elena Borelli and James Ackhurst, presents twenty
poems, with facing Italian and English, each devoted to a classical figure, fictional or historical. It represents one of Pascoli’s highest achievements. Like Eliot’s The Waste Land, Joyce’s Ulysses, and contemporary post-modernist works, it revisits the classical world to draw new symbols for the modern condition.

The next volume in our new series of Italian Crime Writers is The Modern Sinner by Carolina Invernizio, translated from the Italian, with introduction by Andrew Edwards. Invernizio created the aristocratic femme fatale; and the playing out of her schemes and her rival’s revenge still delight the modern reader.

Our titles are available in a variety of formats: hardcover, paperback, Espresso, Kindle, JSTOR, ProQuest, and other digital versions.

We hope that you’ll find these titles of interest and value. Thanks again for your support.

Eileen Gardiner
Ron Musto

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