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WELCOME to the Winter 2019 edition of What’s New at Italica Press. We’re happy to announce forthcoming, new and recent titles.

Our big news this year is that Italica Press has moved. Our New York offices are now at 99 Wall Street, Suite 650, New York, NY 10005. Our editorial offices, however, are now in Bristol, UK. Our phone and e-mails remain the same. The moves have taken a bit of time and energy; but all business, editorial and book-fulfullment services remain up and running.

We've been busy at our Bristol editorial offices with several new offerings. These include Giovanni Boccaccio’s The Downfall of the Famous, a new edition of Louis Brewer Hall’s translation of De casibus virorum illustrium. It adds numerous historical, biographical, interpretive, and bibliographical notes reflecting a half-century of new Boccaccio scholarship.

Thomas F. Coffey and Maryjane Dunn have completed the next volume in our Compostela Project, set to publish every part of the Codex Calixtinus in new English translations. This edition presents The Miracles and Translatio of Saint James.

Eileen Gardiner also presents the latest volume of her Hell-on-Line project with Greek and Roman Hell, which includes seventeen texts that range from epics by Homer and Virgil to plays by Aristophanes and Seneca, dialogues by Plato, satirical pieces by Lucian of Samosata, to novels and narrative poems.

Our Documentary History of Naples series has added its next volume. In Renaissance Naples: A Documentary History, 1400–1600 Charlotte Nichols and James H. Mc Gregor offer the first comprehensive English-language collection of sources to treat the city of Naples from the end of the medieval to the early modern period. This book presents 169 readings in English translation.

We’ve also published another volume in our Modern Italian Fiction series with what most critics consider Nobel Prize-winner Grazia Deledda’s best work. Ivy (L’Edera) is translated for the first time into English by Mary Ann Frese Witt and Martha Witt. 

One of the treasures in the James Ford Bell collection at the University of Minnesota is Cristoforo Buondelmonti’s Description of the Aegean and Other Islands. Evelyn Edson presents a facsimile edition of the entire manuscript, with introduction, complete transcription, English translation, notes, bibliography and index. We present this book in full color at 8.5 x 11 inches, nearly the full size of the Bell manuscript.

Finally, we call your attention to the new dual-language edition of The Deceived by the Intronati of Siena, translated and edited by Donald Beecher & Massimo Ciavolella. This 1531 masterpiece of strong woman characters, cross-dressing, gender confusion, sex, and social satire formed the inspiration for several Renaissance plays and is the ultimate source for Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Our Catalog 57, just out, offers these and all our hardcover, paperback and a variety of digital editions, including JSTOR, Kindle, and ProQuest editions. We look forward to hearing from you. As always, our thanks and appreciation.

Eileen Gardiner
Ronald G. Musto

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