Those Who Fought
An Anthology of Medieval Sources

Edited by Peter Speed

THIS VOLUME, the first of Peter Speed’s three-volume series of medieval sources in English translation includes a wide variety of readings from Britain and the Continent is richly illustrated and provides an ideal introduction to classic sources and new trends in medieval studies for the student and the general reader alike.

Chapter topics include: the “three orders”; the first and second feudal ages; the king; the royal court; feudalism in Spain; Richard II of England, 1377-1399; chivalry; jousting, hunting and the duel; relations between the sexes; the household; knights and archers; sieges; Henry V in France, 1415-1422; the new warfare; the victims of war; and the peacemakers.

164 readings offer chronicles, histories, documents, treatises, household and manorial accounts, letters, poetry, romances.

256 pp. Preface, introduction, bibliography, and index.
63 illustrations, 5 maps, 5 plans.

ISBN: 978-0-934977-39-5
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E-Book Library Edition (JSTOR and ProQuest)
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