by Monica Sarsini

Translated from Italian
by Maryann De Julio

ERUPTIONS is a collection of short fiction by Monica Sarsini, a contemporary writer and multimedia artist from Florence. It comprises selected translations from two of her works, Crepacuore, her 1985 work on colors, and Crepapelle, her 1988 reflections on the senses. All of these pieces are sensual explorations in Sarsini’s experimental, yet concrete narrative style.

Sarsini’s writing on color was the basis for a series of short narrative pieces that appeared in New Italian Women, introducing Sarsini to American readers, and most recently in After the War: A Collection of Short Fiction by Post-War Italian Women.

Paperback, 82 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-934977-68-5
Price: $15.00

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