A Documentary History
of Naples

Ronald G. Musto,
General Editor

THIS SERIES brings together leading scholars to present the first comprehensive collection of primary-source materials, in English translation, on the structures, history, arts, and culture of this major world city.

TITLES in the series take full advantage of the latest digital technologies to offer free, open-access bibliographies, online galleries of photographs, prints and paintings, ground plans and elevations. Interactive Google mapping and imaging in Google Earth will present the city with the best topographical tools currently available.

THESE VOLUMES will be ideal for the scholar, student, and traveler as an introduction toand an important milestone for - the current state of knowledge on the city of Naples and its environs. The series includes:

Updated 11/16/19

1. Ancient Naples, from Its Origins to c. 500 C.E.
by Joseph D. Alchermes & Rabun N. Taylor

2. Medieval Naples: An Architectural & Urban History, 400–1400
by Caroline Bruzelius & William Tronzo

Medieval Naples: A Documentary History, 400-1400
by Ronald G. Musto

1. General and Multiperiod
2. Late Ancient and Byzantine
3. Ducal
4. Norman
5. Hohenstaufen
6. Angevin

3. Renaissance Naples, 1400-1600
by Charlotte Nichols and James H. Mc Gregor


4. Baroque Naples, 1600-1800
by Jeanne Chenault Porter

5. Modern Naples, 1799-1999
by John Santore

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