Catalog: Our current and complete catalog is available for download. It contains all titles, ISBNs, pricing, and shipping weights. We usually publish two new catalogs a year. Discount schedules are for Trade orders.

Payments: We accept checks (drawn on U.S. banks), money orders and the following credit cards: American Express/Optima, MasterCard, VISA.

Libraries: Terms are payment on receipt of order. We accept all institutional purchase orders and standing orders.

Web Store Orders: Italica Press has moved its titles to direct links to There readers can sample pages and usually order at a discount off retail. Institutional buyers can purchase digital versions of our titles via JSTOR and ProQuest.

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Desk and Adoption Review Copies:
We are happy to provide faculty with copies of our books for use in the classroom. Copies can be ordered either as:

  • Desk copies for books already adopted are available free on request with department or bookstore form, listing course, instructor, and estimated enrollment. Please send requests to:
  • Adoption review copies (for adoption consideration). Terms are NET 120 days (from ship date) for titles not adopted. Invoices will be cancelled on adoption and upon confirmation of bookstore order at any time during this period. (Please provide course number to store.) Please send requests to:

Italica Digital Editions:
We now make available complete books, many individual chapters, and articles via Kindle for individuals, at very reasonable prices. Most of our titles are now available for institutional subscription via JSTOR and ProQuest. These are useful alternatives to course packs and reserve reading shelves. For availability, please check the individual title page on this website or go directly to JSTOR.
or ProQuest

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Distribution: Our titles are now available through a variety of US, UK, EU and world distributors.
US distributors include: Blackwell, Baker & Taylor, Coutts, Ingram, Midwest Library Service (MLS) and YBP (formerly Yankee Book Peddler).
UK distributors include:,, Aphrohead, Bertrams, Blackwell, Book Depository, Coutts, Gardners, Eden Interactive Ltd., Mallory International, and Paperback Shop.
Digital distribution is now available via JSTOR and ProQuest.

Catalog: Our current and complete catalog is available for download. It contains all titles, ISBNs, pricing, shipping weights, and an Order Form with Trade discount schedule. We usually publish two new catalogs per year. Trade Terms are posted here on this web page and updated as necessary.

Trade Booksellers’ Discounts:
1 copy: 20%, 2: 25%, 3-4: 30%, 5-9: 35%, 10-25: 40%, 26-50: 43%; 51-99: 45%, 100+: 50% (single or mixed titles). 5% extra for prepayment.
Note: For stores with separate shipping terms, or who impose pro-forma chargebacks or other forms of penalties for not using store’s preferred shippers, we reserve the right to adjust trade discounts down by 5%.

Classroom Adoptions: 25%.

Licensing Rights
These are available for stage and other media performances. Please contact us.

Credit terms are generally NET 30 DAYS, depending upon good credit history. We reserve the right to require prepayment (PRO FORMA) terms for new accounts or accounts with bad payment history or accounts that impose shipping chargebacks or other fees. We reserve the right to deposit partial and incomplete payments made against invoiced totals in anticipation of full payment. On PRO FORMA invoices we reserve the right to withhold shipment until payment in full for books and shipping has been received and confirmed.

Returns: On January 1, 2017, Italica Press became a NO RETURNS publisher. We will send back all returns to commercial senders at their expense. Booksellers please adjust all ordering quantities accordingly. Any previously authorized returns are for account credit only.
We do not issue refunds to credit-card accounts, by check, bank transfer or other means. For any questions regarding this policy, please e-mail us at

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Shipping and Claims:

For Trade Orders we usually ship UPS. We can also ship overseas, air and express services, depending on the order size and order specifications.

Damage Claims: must be made within 3 days of receipt of package (Italica traces both UPS and USPS shipments). Please return both damaged item and original packaging. Return for replacement of original item only.

Non-Delivery Claims: must be made within ninety (90) days of ship date shown on our invoice.

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