St. Michael’s Way
An Interactive Map

St. Michael’s Way is a footpath that runs north to south across Penwith in Cornwall from Lelant on St. Ives Bay on the Irish Sea to St. Michael’s Mount on Mount’s Bay in the English Channel. It traces what is believed to be a part of the medieval pilgrim’s road to Compostela, providing a safe landward alternative for travelers coming across the Irish Sea from Ireland and Wales on the way to France or northern Spain and avoiding the rough seas and contrary winds around Land’s End. By using this one-day overland route, the pilgrim could avoid days of perilous delay at sea.

This interactive map uses the online tools available in Google Map. Clicking on the zoom-in or zoom-out buttons on the upper left will magnify views down to the road level. Users can also view this map in “Map” (or road) mode, Satellite (aerial photograph), or Terrain (topographical) views. It uses standard cartographical symbols for abbeys, churches, and other points of interest along St. Michael's Way.

Clicking on any of these symbols will open a window with descriptive texts, images, bibliography and hyperlinks to other texts, sites, and web-image galleries produced by Italica Press.

Clicking “View Larger Map” below will open this map in Google Map and provide a complete index of sites. There you can also open the map in Google Earth (a free, downloadable program) and see the medieval route set against a navigable three-dimensional landscape.

This is a work in progress.

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