The Pilgrim’s Way
to St. Patrick’s Purgatory

Eileen Gardiner

THE PILGRIMS WAY to St. Patrick’s Purgatory traces a route for the modern pilgrim across Ireland and across the boundaries of the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland. It begins in Dublin and ends at Lough Derg in County Donegal, bringing travelers on a journey through the medieval past and the fragmentary riches that remain today. It provides a cultural itinerary that can be traveled by car or bike, on foot, and even partly by boat, through one of the loveliest landscapes of Ireland and Europe.

THIS PUBLICATION, offered in both print and digital formats, presents an introduction to the topic, an exploration of a taxonomy for medieval pilgrimage and an overview of what the early pilgrims have told us about the route. It features descriptions of the monuments, relics and saints along the way, as well as a stage-by-stage description of the journey itself. Ancillary materials include travelers’ information, a complete bibliography, a chronology and index.

THE E-BOOK offers full color images, an interactive map of the route and detailed stage maps, enlargeable images, searchable text and hyperlinks to external resources, including bibliography and other scholarly resources, travel information and details about the sites and towns along the route.

204 pp., 54 photos, 23 maps and plans.

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