The Chronicle of an Anonymous Roman
Translated by James A. Palmer

Giovanni Pietro Contarini
From Cyprus to Lepanto
Translated by Kiril Petkov

The Miracles and Translatio of
Saint James

edited and translated by
Thomas F. Coffey and Maryjane Dunn.

New Italian Voices
Edited and translated by
Cinzia Sartini Blum &
Deborah L. Contrada

Renaissance Naples: A Documentary
History, 1400–1600
by Charlotte Nichols
& James H. Mc Gregor

The Sermons and Liturgy of Saint James
edited and translated by
Thomas F. Coffey and Maryjane Dunn.

Aiol: A Chanson de Geste
Modern edition and first English translation
by A. Richard Hartman &
Sandra C. Malicote

Aldus and His Dream Book
by Helen Barolini

by Torquato Tasso

Aymeri of Narbonne:
A French Epic Romance
edited & translated
by Michael A.H. Newth

Barbarossa in Italy
edited & translated
by Thomas Carson

Baroque Naples, 1600-1800
by Jeanne Chenault Porter

Cristoforo Buondelmonti
Description of the Aegean
& Other Islands

Edited and translated by
Evelyn Edson

The Chronicle of Pseudo-Turpin
Book IV of the Liber Sancti Jacobi
(Codex Calixtinus)

edited and translated
by Kevin R. Poole

Coriolano Cippico
The Deeds of Commander
Pietro Mocenigo

edited and translated
by Kiril Petkov

Contemporary Italian Women Poets:
A Bilingual Anthology

Edited by Cinzia Sartini Blum & Lara Trubowitz

by Grazia Deledda

by Giuseppe Bonaviri

Elye of Saint-Gilles
edited and translated by
A. Richard Hartman &
Sandra C. Malicote

The Fat Woodworker
by Antonio Manetti

Fierabras and Floripas:
A French Epic Allegory
edited by Michael A.H. Newth

Gaspara Stampa:
Selected Poems
edited by Laura Anna Stortoni

Guide to the Holy Land
by Theoderich of Würzburg

History of the City of Rome in the Middle Ages
by Ferdinand Gregorovius

The Holy Land in the Middle Ages: Six Travelers’ Accounts

Italian Environmental Literature: An Anthology
edited by Patrick Barron and Anna Re

The Marvels of Rome
Mirabilia Urbis Romae

Medieval Cautionary Tales:
An Anthology
edited by Peter Speed

Medieval Naples: A Documentary History, 400-1400
edited by Ronald G. Musto

Medieval Naples: An Architectural & Urban History
by Caroline Bruzelius
& William Tronzo

The Miracles of St. James
edited and translated by
Thomas F. Coffey, Linda Kay Davidson
& Maryjane Dunn

Modern Naples, 1799-1999
by John Santore

The Myrtle and the Rose
by Annie Messina

Naples: An Early Guide
by Enrico Bacco et al.

by Maria Corti

The Revolution of Cola di Rienzo

Petrarch’s Two Gardens:
Landscape and the Image of Movement

by William Tronzo

Phyllis of Scyros
by Guidubaldo Bonarelli

Pierre Gilles’ Constantinople
edited by Kimberly Byrd

Pierre Gilles, Topography of Constantinople and Its Antiquities in Four Books (De Topographia Constantinopoleos, et de illius Antiquitatibus Libri Quatuor)
Complete Latin Text


Kimberly Byrd, Commentary on Pierre Gilles’ Constantinople (Topography of Constantinople and Its Antiquities in Four Books)

The Pilgrim’s Guide to
Santiago de Compostela
edited by William Melczer

The Lives of the Popes and Emperors
Translated and edited by
Aldo S. Bernardo and Reta A. Bernardo
Introduction and notes by Tania Zampini

The Records of the Venetian Senate on Disk, 1335-1400
edited  by Benjamin G. Kohl

Reeds in the Wind
by Grazia Deledda

Renaissance Comic Tales
edited and translated by
Valerie Martone &
Robert L. Martone

The Road to Compostela Online

The Sack of Rome
by Luigi Guicciardini

Sicily by Guy de Maupassant
Edited & Translated
by Robert W. Berger

The Song of Roland
A New Verse Translation
by Michael A.H. Newth

Songs of the Island
by Ada Negri
translated and introduced by
Maria A. Costantini

by Giovanni Verga

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