The Chronicle of an
Anonymous Roman

Rome, Italy, and Latin Christendom,

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Preface & Acknowledgments   ix
The Chronicle of an Anonymous Roman    


Prologue   59


The people drive Senator Giacomo Savelli from the Campidoglio.The knighting of Messer Stefano Colonna and Messer Napoleone Orsini   64
3. The prince of Morea is defeated at the Porta Castel Sant’Angelo. The origins of the Guelfs and Ghibellines. The character of Dante and how he died


4. Pope John and the coming of the Bavarian to Rome, his departure, and the antipope that he created


5. The monster born in Rome.
The papal legate is slain in Bologna


6. Fra Venturino comes to Rome with the Doves.
The bell tower of St. Peter’s is burned
7. Pope Benedict and the roof of St. Peter’s in Rome, which was rebuilt   82
8. The comet that appeared in parts of Lombardy.
The defeat of the tyrant Messer Mastino by the Venetians
9. A very cruel famine. The battle of Parabiagio in Lombardy. Various new fashions   97
10. The death of King Robert and the coming of the queen of Hungary to Rome   110
11. The battle for Spain, the destruction of Algeciras, and the siege of Gibraltar   117
12. The duke of Athens is driven from Florence.
Pope Benedict dies. Pope Clement is elected
13. The crusade carried out at Smyrna in Turkey   146
14. The battle for France, in which the king of Bohemia dies and the king of England defeats the king of France   161
15. A great flood and the extent of the waters   175
16. A ship run aground and robbed on the Roman coast   179
17. Leonardo of Orvieto is captured by Rome   182
18. The great deeds of Cola di Rienzo, august tribune of Rome   183
19. The death of Andrew, king of Puglia, by hanging.
How justice followed after this death
20. The king of Hungary enters Italy.
The death of the duke of Durazzo, who is beheaded
21. The cruel mortality that afflicted the whole world.
The steps of Sta. Maria in Aracoeli
22. The earthquake in Italy   245
23. The fifty-year Jubilee in Rome.
The king of Hungary’s return to Rome and Puglia
24. The Perugians lay siege to Bettona, raze that place to its foundations, and behead the traitor, Messer Crispolto   254
25. The bell tower of St. Peter’s in Rome burns.
The pope loses control of the Senate. Pope Clement dies.
26. A senator is stoned by the Romans.
The magnificent deeds of Messer Egidio Conchese of Spain, cardinal legate, to retake the Patrimony, the March of Ancona, and Romagna
27. Messer Cola di Rienzo returns to Rome and reassumes
power amid much rejoicing.
He is cruelly slain by the people of Rome
28. Emperor Charles comes to Rome.
His coronation and his departure for Germany


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