James A. Palmer

James A. Palmer is Associate Professor of History at Florida State University. He studied at Michigan State University, Duke University, and Washington University in St. Louis (Ph.D., 2015). He specializes in the history of medieval and Renaissance Italy and in Romanesco language and literature.

His research has focused on the mid-thirteenth through the early sixteenth century with particular interest in the intersections of religion, politics, economy, and community. It has examined notions of virtue and justice, and of lay piety and urban life, as well as histories of sovereignty and governance.

His first book explored the transformation of Roman political culture from c.1350 to c.1450 and its implications for the history of the city and the papacy. It traced the gradual transition of Roman political elites from a commitment to governing Rome as a free city commune to a willingness to act as the governing agents of a newly sovereign papacy.
Dr. Palmer’s current research focuses on the history of social justice and virtue both as governing ideas and frameworks for practice in late medieval politics and society.

His publications include The Virtues of Economy: Governance, Power, and Piety in Late Medieval Rome (Cornell University Press, 2019); and “Piety and Social Distinction in Late Medieval Roman Peacemaking,” Speculum 89.4 (2014): 974–1004.





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