by Federico De Roberto
Translated by Andrew Edwards

A Conspiracy of Talkers
by Gaetano Savatteri
Translated by Steve Eaton
Forthcoming: Spring 2021

New Italian Voices
Edited and translated by
Cinzia Sartini Blum &
Deborah L. Contrada

After the War:
A Collection of Short Fiction
by Postwar Italian Women

edited by Martha King

Army of the Lost Rivers
by Carlo Sgorlon
Translated by Jessie Bright

Bakunin’s Son
by Sergio Atzeni

Translated by John H. Rugman

by Grazia Deledda
2nd ed., translated by Martha King

by Giuseppe Bonaviri
Translated by Umberto Mariani

by Monica Sarsini
Translated by Maryannn De Julio

Family Chronicle
by Vasco Pratolini
Translated by Martha King

The Great Bear
by Ginevra Bompiani
Translated by Brian Kern
& Sergio Parussa.
Introduction by Sergio Parussa.
Afterword by Blossom S. Kirschenbaum

Italian Environmental Literature: An Anthology
edited by Patrick Barron and Anna Re

by Grazia Deledda
Translated by Mary Ann Frese Witt
& Martha Witt

Last Act in Urbino
by Paolo Volponi
Translated by Peter N. Pedroni

Man of Smoke
by Aldo Palazzeschi
Translated by Nicolas J. Perella
& Ruggero Stefanini

The Myrtle and the Rose
by Annie Messina
Translated by Jessie Bright

New Italian Women
edited by Martha King

by Maria Corti
Translated by Jessie Bright

Quo Vadis, Baby?
by Grazia Verasani
Translated and introduced by
Taylor Corse & Juliann Vitullo

Reeds in the Wind
by Grazia Deledda
Translated by Martha King

Roman Ghosts
by Luigi Malerba
Translated and introduced by
Miriam Aloisio & Michael Subialka

by Giovanni Verga
Translated by Lucy Gordan
& Frances Frenaye

Woman at War
by Dacia Maraini
Translated by Mara Benetti
& Elspeth Spottiswood

The Wooden Throne
by Carlo Sgorlon
Translated by Jessie Bright

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